Best gloves for hair stylist - (Black) multipurpose nitrile gloves


Protect hands

Hairdressers are prone to skin burns and allergies when they touch hair dyes with their hands all year round in the process of ironing and dyeing for customers.

If scissors and hair dryers are the hardware equipment of the hair industry, disposable gloves are essential good helpers for hairdressers in the process of ironing and dyeing!

best gloves for hair stylist


How to choose disposable gloves?

In the process of work, due to the incorrect selection of disposable gloves, it is inevitable that hair dye will be stained on the finger seams, which is not only difficult to clean, but also affects the appearance.

Therefore, the correct choice of disposable gloves is crucial for the hair industry.

In the process of work, wearing close fitting disposable gloves can effectively insulate hands from the damage caused by dye and form a protective barrier between skin and dye.

When you wear Xingyu multipurpose nitrile gloves, you don't have to worry about wearing PE gloves in the hair dyeing process. You must always hold two hands to prevent the gloves from falling off because they are not too close to your hands and loose, and avoid your hands directly contacting the dye, which can also greatly improve the work efficiency.


Product recommendation

black disposable nitrile gloves


Stick hands, easy to wear and take off


High elasticity and puncture resistance


Corrosion resistant and non allergic


Precision, high agility

This glove is highly functional and widely used. It can be used in many fields, such as food, cleaning, etc. This is probably the best gloves for hair stylist.

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