Can You Wash Rubber Gloves And Reuse Them?

Can You Wash Rubber Gloves And Reuse Them?

Rubber gloves are used to protect human hands to decrease exposure to dangerous environments, such as in industrial and medical fields. These gloves are essential to protect hands from chemicals, oil, dust, hot water, and other substances. One of the most common questions we get from people who use rubber gloves regularly is can you wash rubber gloves after use?

There are several types of rubber gloves, depending on the requirement of the task needed to be done. Find out in this article if you can wash rubber gloves and if it can be reused.

Different Types Of Rubber Gloves

Manufacturers make different types of rubber gloves using other materials suitable for their purposes. Some of the most common types of rubber gloves are the following:

  1. General-Purpose Safety Gloves – This type is commonly used in several jobs, like in construction. These gloves generally have padding on the palm and fingertip areas.

  2. Household Gloves – Also called domestic cleaning gloves. They are used basically to protect hands while cleaning the house.

  3. Surgical Gloves – Sterile gloves used during an invasive medical procedure to prevent contamination and exposure from possible infectious materials or substances.

  4. Industrial Gloves – These gloves are designed for industrial applications. These gloves are not necessarily stronger than medical or surgical gloves.

  5. Welding Gloves – These are considered personal protective equipment or PPEs. It protects welders' hands from potential hazards during welding.

  6. Electrical Gloves – These are essential for people dealing with electrical wires and the like. Electrical gloves protect people working on high and low voltage applications from shock, burns, fires, and explosions. This type of gloves is certified and tested according to ASTM F496 safety standards.

Can You Wash Rubber Gloves?

Rubber gloves are widely used in different fields to protect hands from contamination and avoid exposure to harmful chemicals and substances. As mentioned earlier, there are different kinds of rubber gloves designed for particular tasks. However, these gloves can still be classified into two: reusable and disposable.

The best example of disposable gloves is the medical or surgical gloves. The World Health Organization (WHO) maintained that medical gloves and other disposable gloves must be discarded after every use. These gloves should not be washed and must never be reused. On the other hand, reusable rubber gloves, like those we use to clean at home, are reusable. This kind of gloves can be washed and reused many times.

Steps On How To Wash Rubber Gloves

Now, here is the answer to the question, can you wash rubber gloves? Note that this method is only applicable for reusable gloves and not for disposable ones.

  1. Wash the outside of the gloves while still wearing them. Use soap or a mild detergent and hot water. Rinse it thoroughly. 

  2. Remove the gloves from your hands and turn them inside out. Soak them in a soap and water mixture for several minutes. 

  3. Rinse them with water and hang them to dry.  

  4. Once the gloves are completely dry, wipe the outer part with a sanitizing product. Make sure that this product is safe to use on rubber. 

  5. Keep the gloves in a cool, dry place after it has been cleaned and sanitized. Do not keep them under direct sunlight.

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