How To Disinfect Rubber Gloves: Care to Wear

How To Disinfect Rubber Gloves: Care to Wear

The cleaning and upkeeping of your kitchen chores mostly require the use of rubber gloves. The fact remains that microorganisms and bacteria may stick to it while your hands and nails are protected. Do you know how to disinfect rubber gloves after using them? If you do not want your hands to end up filthy and smelly, you have to learn the right way of cleaning your rubber gloves.

Rinsing the external of your rubber gloves meticulously

Any particles or substance residues stick to the outside layer of your rubber gloves. Of course, you would not want any of those to have direct access to your hands. That is why it is relevant to know how to disinfect rubber gloves. Devote your time to rinse as thoroughly as you can. Doing this can be comfortable while you are still wearing rubber gloves. Keep in mind to be careful not to allow water and residue from getting on your hands. It is best to turn the rubber gloves inside out once the outer part has completely dried up. The method will allow both sides to dry out. Know that moisture, if kept inside your rubber gloves, can be yucky and messy once you put back your hands.Solution for smelly gloves

The objective of using rubber gloves is to protect your skin from temperature, hot water or cold water, and chemical solutions coming from detergents. Sometimes, your skin may give a sensitive reaction causing some wounds. However, one consequence that comes along the way is that it leaves your hand to smell like rubber. If you want to remove the stinky smell, follow these steps below on how to disinfect rubber gloves:

  1. After you finished with the household chores, rinse out the rubber gloves in running water to eliminate any traces of cleaning particles. 

  2. Using a block of dish soap, cleanse the external surface of the rubber gloves. 

  3. Repeat the rinsing process until no more soap suds appear. 

  4. Let the rubber gloves air dry. 

  5. Once the outside of the rubber gloves has dried up, flip the gloves inside out. Start the process in the first four steps.

Getting rid of the rubber smell

After taking off that rubber gloves, the initial complaint is the trace of latex smell behind your hands. For decades, there have been experiments on how to eliminate that pesky odor. Below are a few of the solutions that come in handy on how to disinfect rubber gloves:

  1. Baking soda – popular in most do-it-yourself hacks because of its ability to eliminate unpleasant aroma on your tools and making it look like a brand new purchase. Take ample amount and sprinkle it inside your dry rubber gloves before you start using it. Moreover, you can also add your favorite essential oil by two to three drops.

  2. Lotion – opt for your favorite scent lotion before wearing your rubber gloves. It can at least minimize the scent of latex while keeping your skin hydrated.

  3. Scented soap– use antibacterial soap when cleaning your rubber gloves. Do it several times until the scent is completely gone.

How To Disinfect Rubber Gloves

All things eventually go through the wear and tear process when it reaches its maximum lifespan. Your rubber gloves, basic it may seem, needs to be stored properly. The rubber gloves should be kept away from direct sunlight and heat. Average households often place their rubber gloves on the window sill. It is often the misconception to make it dry quickly. But then, you are turning it into a melted mess. Also, avoid the gloves punctured, creating holes. It can give access to water to enter on your next use.

Avoid Gloves Cross-contamination

You need to segregate the use of your rubber gloves inside your household. Separate the gloves you used in washing the dishes from those being used in the toilet for cleaning. Of course, it is unsanitary, and you could not imagine how it affects your appetite, knowing where it came from. Create different storage or understand what works best in your household. You can also do it by color coding for easy identification. Perhaps, it would be easy to locate and associate with a specific task.


The process of how to disinfect rubber gloves is relatively simple. The basic requirements are easily accessed in your home: water, liquid soap, which is a necessity. In today’s time, everyone is becoming too conscious of cleanliness, safety, and health. We must ensure to observe proper sanitation at all times in an appropriate manner. Disinfection is a must to prevent the increase of diseases. Keep your body and home clean looking and healthy. Get more tips about rubber gloves here!

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