Pet poop gloves - the best cleaning gloves

It is believed that when many excrement shoveling officers bathe their pets, they are like "going through a robbery". All kinds of incompatibilities, stress reactions, and crazy resistance... cats may hurt them accidentally. Therefore, most excrement shoveling officers will choose cleaning gloves to clean their pets, which can not only save the troublesome steps of bathing, but also save some time and energy. However, there are many kinds of pet cleaning gloves on the market. Which one is really suitable for pets? The following points can be referred to by the officials who shovel excrement:

1. Composition

When selecting cleaning gloves, the excrement removing officer must pay attention to the composition of gloves. If the ingredients contain chemical ingredients or irritants, they may cause damage to the pet's fur. If there is residue left on the pet's fur after wiping, then when the pet licks the hair, it is possible to eat the residue into the stomach, resulting in diarrhea, vomiting and other conditions, and even threaten the life safety of the pet in serious cases.

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2. Material

Pet cleaning gloves are used to directly contact the pet's skin and hair. It is better to choose the non-woven fabric material that can directly contact with the skin. This material not only has good puffiness and comfort, but also will not produce irritation when contacting with the skin. It can gently care for the pet's hair.

3. Portability

Walking the dog is a task and obligation for every dog shoveling officer to punch in every day, which is good for the health of dogs and families. But when the dog goes out to play, he will inevitably dirty himself. At this time, the portability of the pet cleaning gloves appears. The dog pooper can thoroughly clean the dog without bathing the dog, so as to prevent the dog from bringing the bacteria home.

It is recommended that the excrement removing officer should polish his eyes when selecting cleaning gloves for pets to prevent damage to pets. Huadidiu Pet Cleaning Gloves with mild formula are specially added with natural plant extracts such as camellia extract and blue bellbell extract, which can not only deeply clean the stains on pet hair, but also decompose the odor on pet.

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When cleaning, the excrement shovel officer only needs to use one piece, which can clean the small parts of the pet's paws, eyes and other corners 360 degrees without dead space. While cleaning, it can also bring the pet a comfortable SPA experience.

nitrile disposable glove

We can use the best disposable cleaning gloves specially tailored for pets. They use synthetic rubber, which is also known as disposable nitrile gloves, or we can use disposable pvc gloves, which will not have a particularly big impact on pets. Instead, we do not recommend latex gloves, which use natural rubber, which may have an allergic impact on pets or themselves.

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If you often need to walk your dog or other pets, you can also take some pet poop bags with you. They are made of degradable pp material and can be used just like gloves. However, the bag area is relatively large, which can better hold your pets' poop, and you can throw them away after use.

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