The use of latex gloves is not as casual as you think! Please note that

Latex gloves are one of the protective gloves made of latex. Compared with rubber gloves, latex gloves are more flexible, anti-aging, environmentally friendly and durable. They are essential protective products for household, industrial, medical, beauty and other industries.

2. Surface smoothness of latex gloves. The appearance of good latex gloves is bright and smooth, while the appearance of fake gloves is rough and the color is dim.

3. Understand the matching of latex gloves. Good latex gloves are produced according to scientific ingredients. There is no air leakage, and they can be returned in time when stretching. Poor latex gloves are white when stretching, and they cannot be returned in time because of low rubber content, and there are signs of air leakage when inflating.

4. Check the weight of latex gloves. Each pair of good latex gloves is about 95g, while the counterfeit latex gloves are only 75g, which makes them feel a little thin.

when wearing latex free disposable gloves you should

1. Clean commonly used latex gloves in time to prevent bacteria from breeding;

2. Classify the gloves used according to different areas of latex gloves, such as cleaning tools, laboratory experiments, etc., to avoid cross use of different latex gloves, or cross infection of bacteria may occur;

3. Disposable latex gloves shall not be worn repeatedly (because latex gloves may lose their protective performance), and the wearing time shall not be too long each time;

4. After taking off latex gloves, wash your hands with mild soap and dry your hands well.

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