All science popularization of nitrile gloves! Disposable medical gloves depend on it

nitrile gloves is a kind of rubber, which is synthesized from acrylonitrile and butadiene. It does not cause allergy and dermatitis because it does not contain proteogen, and it is also resistant to chemical solvents. Its mechanical properties, ESD performance, NVR, extractable ion content and LPC level are better than latex gloves and PVC gloves.

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Product features:

1. Excellent chemical resistance, certain pH resistance, and good chemical protection for corrosive substances such as solvent and petroleum.

2. Good physical properties, good tear resistance, puncture resistance and friction resistance.

3. Comfortable style, according to the ergonomic design, the glove palm machine has a bent finger that makes it comfortable to wear and is conducive to blood circulation.

4. It does not contain natural latex, amino compounds and other harmful substances, and rarely produces allergies.

5. The degradation time is short and easy to handle, which is beneficial to environmental protection.

6. It has no silicon component, has certain anti-static performance, and is suitable for the production needs of the electronic industry.

7. Low surface chemical residues, low ion content and small particle content, suitable for strict clean room environment.  

In the disposable gloves market, due to the advantages of nitrile gloves, the market share is increasing year by year, so there is a huge space for the development of the nitrile gloves market. With the improvement of consumers' awareness of the advantages of nitrile gloves, nitrile gloves are bound to become the dominant market in the disposable gloves market.

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