How to select insulating gloves for electricians - Gloves for electricians

Insulating rubber gloves are the necessary insulation safety tools for electricians. They are divided into latex impregnated gloves and rubber molded gloves according to the manufacturing method. Recycled rubber, as a substitute for high priced raw rubber, can effectively reduce the cost of raw materials when used in the production of insulating rubber gloves. In actual production, which type of recycled rubber can be used in the production of insulating rubber gloves? What problems should be paid attention to in the material selection and production of insulating gloves?

1. Common recycled rubber for insulating rubber gloves

EPDM reclaimed rubber processed from EPDM unvulcanized rubber blend and waste EPDM rubber products has excellent high and low temperature resistance, weather resistance and ozone resistance, and is an ideal raw material for the production of insulating rubber gloves. EPDM recycled rubber with high rubber content is mostly used with raw rubber to produce insulating rubber gloves, effectively reducing the cost of raw materials; The finished insulating rubber gloves mixed with EPDM recycled rubber have good elasticity, insulation and long service life.

2. Selection of raw and auxiliary materials for insulating rubber gloves

Insulating rubber gloves have certain electrical performance requirements. It is necessary to screen the recycled rubber and compounding agent, strictly control the fineness of powder and remove mechanical impurities. When choosing EPDM recycled rubber HYL10Y12Y2YYC for insulating gloves, it is recommended to choose high fineness EPDM recycled rubber; Use environment-friendly and tasteless ethylene propylene reclaimed rubber, which is pollution-free and does not migrate. When a large amount of powdered formulation is used, it should be screened in advance to avoid large particles and impurities in the formulation.

3. Common compound for insulating rubber gloves

When using recycled rubber or recycled rubber/raw rubber to produce rubber insulated gloves, generally use sulfur accelerator system, zinc oxide and stearic acid; The filling system can use light calcium carbonate and a small amount of light magnesium carbonate; The anti-aging system can use anti-aging agent A/D, and use non polluting anti-aging agent when necessary; The softening system can directly use white oil or other softening oils.

4. Key points of production process of recycled rubber insulated gloves

When using recycled rubber to produce rubber insulated gloves, it is recommended that the plasticity of plastic rubber should be controlled between 0.55-0.6, and the plasticity of rubber mixture should be controlled between 0.6-0.65. Avoid metal scraps falling into the rubber during plastic mixing and mixing of rubber materials; When necessary, the rubber mixture can be filtered to remove mechanical impurities and ensure the electrical performance of the rubber material; Isolating agent shall not be used in any process for rubber mixture. Isolating agent shall not be used during vulcanization, and it is recommended to use a clean rag to remove the scale; When insulating gloves are vulcanized with flat vulcanizer, it is recommended to control the pressure of the flat vulcanizer at 2-3MPa and the steam pressure at 0.55-0.6MPa.

When using recycled rubber to produce low-cost rubber insulated gloves, rubber product manufacturers must strictly control the amount of recycled rubber and production process, and reasonably use recycled rubber on the premise of ensuring product quality to ensure the protective effect and service life of insulated rubber gloves. Xiao Bian will continue to discuss with you the formula for producing insulating rubber gloves with recycled rubber and the specific production process.

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