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Hello, friends, I believe that manicure has become an indispensable daily decoration for many delicate girls. But do you feel pain or even cut and bleed during manicure and skin cutting? And do you feel uncomfortable polishing your nails?

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A professional and gentle manicurist can make customers have beautiful nails comfortably, but improper operation may cause finger inflammation. What problems may arise from manicure? Let's have a look.

Before applying nail polish, polish the nails with abrasive strips, polishing sponges or electric polishers to make the nail surface rough, so that the nail polish can be more firm on the nails. Studies have found that the average nail thickness of nail enhancement participants has almost halved after the enhancement.

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Some people have broken or soft nails after nail enhancement or removal. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not change your nails frequently, and that you give your nails enough time to grow and recover. In addition, do not use your hands to pick off the nail after the nail treatment. You should go to a professional nail salon to remove the nail to avoid further damage to the nail.

The manicurist will trim the nails and dead skin according to the customer's requirements, but if the fingernails or toenails are trimmed too deeply, it may cause paronychia.

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In addition, some daily habits, such as biting the barbed nails around the nails and cutting the nails too short, may cause paronychia. Therefore, no matter for nail enhancement or daily nail trimming, do not trim the nails too short, and do not over trim both sides of the nails.

Nail enhancement appliances are generally shared by multiple people, and they are usually sterilized with simple alcohol or ultraviolet light after use. Although alcohol and ultraviolet ray can kill many pathogens, they have limited effect on killing fungi, so nail enhancement devices are easy to be contaminated by fungi.

When trimming, it is easy to damage the skin around the nails and cause fungal infection, which can lead to diseases such as onychomycosis and hand moss.

Nail enhancement light therapy lamp is mainly single wave ultraviolet light, and its main harm is that it can make the skin produce melanin. In addition, the light emitted by the light therapy lamp has a strong penetrating power, which can directly reach the dermis of the skin, causing damage to collagen fibers and elastic fibers. Regular irradiation is easy to cause skin aging.

Some nail polish glue and nail remover water contain chemicals harmful to human body, which are easy to cause diseases after long-term contact. Therefore, you should choose a professional and formal nail salon when you are doing manicures, and do manicures appropriately. Everyone has a love for beauty, but we should also pay attention to the potential risks while being beautiful. If discomfort or inflammation occurs after manicure, seek medical advice in time.

In addition, the manicurist can wear disposable medical rubber inspection gloves when doing manicures for customers, which can not only prevent slip, but also avoid contact with nail polish, nail remover, etc., so as to prevent damage to hands caused by long-term contact with manicures. In this way, manicurists can not only bring art like nails to customers, but also care for their hands at the same time.

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This glove is made of synthetic rubber, which is also known as nitrile glove. This inspection glove has great elasticity, is very friendly to the hand, and is not easy to puncture the glove. It should be a very good glove for the manicurist. Of course, it is also the best glove for the hairdresser. The principle is the same.

The inspection gloves are elastic and well wrapped. Even if the manicurist has his own nails, he will not break the inspection gloves. It can also prevent cross infection, protect customers and protect himself.

What problems have you encountered in the process of nail enhancement? Or do you have any tips for protecting your hands? Welcome to share with Danmei in the comment area.

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